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Just choose a spot with the possibility of a leak. Kitchens, baths, refrigerators, ice makers, water heaters, AC condensate pans, vacation homes are all vulnerable to water damage. Connect to WIFI on a device, follow a few steps, and presto! Your device is set to alert you to disaster before it strikes.

Simple, efficient, no electricity required, no expensive hub needed. Get alerts through email or text.

Perfect for homes, hotels, apartment complexes, and office buildings.

Optional: Sensor Extender Cable

This sensor cable provides an extra 3 feet of coverage area instead of only at the MyLeak sensor.


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Up to 3 years with lithium batteries.
Reset batteries. Press the training button on the board.
Not usually.  If the unit does not automatically reconnect to your WiFi, retrain the device by pushing the training button and connecting to it from your phone so you can tell the device the correct connection to use.
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Residential Commercial Water Leak Detection

Welcome to MyLeak, one of the most innovative residential and commercial water leak detection products currently on the market. We invite you to explore our product and how it’s helping a wide variety of clients find and address leaks before they have a chance to inflict significant damage to their homes, offices or other facilities.


About our commercial and residential water leak detection products

MyLeak is a small, wireless sensor module that easily installs in various areas that are at high risk of potential leaks. This can mean around:

  • Sinks
  • HVAC units
  • Refrigerator lines
  • General pipes
  • AC condensation pan
  • And more

By implementing a series of our sensors, you can create one of the most effective residential or commercial water leak detection systems that let you know right away when a potential leak has developed.

When your sensors detect excessive moisture — high humidity, steam and water droplets won’t trigger it — it will send you an e-mail or a text message to alert you to the problem. The alert will let you know which sensor picked up on the leak so you know exactly where to go to address the leak.

While elaborate residential water leak detection systems might require monthly subscription fees and a central hub to allow the sensors to communicate with each other, MyLeak has formed a very simple app that allows the sensors to connect with your existing WiFi signal. It’s easy to set up — we provide step-by-step instructions.


Reliable residential and commercial water leak detection products

When it comes to commercial and residential water leak detection products, you need something that is going to be reliable. After all, what good are these products if they don’t do their job and let you know when a leak has formed.

MyLeak is incredibly reliable in a number of ways.

  • In addition to alerting you when there is a leak, MyLeak can also ping you to let you know about a low battery or failing Internet connection.
  • Each MyLeak sensor is durable, childproof and easy to install. You don’t have to worry about children bothering them or them getting in the way.
  • With normal alkaline batteries, MyLeak sensors can operate for up to three years! It’s even better with lithium batteries — your sensor will be functional for up to eight years.
  • MyLeak also allows you to automatically send alerts to plumbing professionals, HVAC technicians and other people who might be able to address the problem before you have a chance.

On top of all this, MyLeak is one of the most affordable residential and commercial water leak detection products on the market. For a minimal investment, you are able to protect your home or work space from potentially thousands of dollars in water damage. Explore MyLeak right now!