My Leak LLC is a certified woman-owned business headquartered in Dallas, TX.  The units were originally developed in cooperation with UT Dallas.  They have been in development and testing for 4 years and were released to the public in 2017.  They have been extensively tested and have already saved our customers thousands of dollars by alerting them to leaks.  Check out some of the testimonials.

If you have any questions or comments, or suggestions for product or web site, please contact our CEO, founder, and inventor, Monica Martino at

Monica Martino
Monica MartinoPresident & Founder
Monica has been involved in the technology industry since 1988. She founded MyLeak to address the situation of water leaks that happen when you’re not at home.

Our Valuable Team Members

Taylor Cleghorn
Taylor CleghornNetwork Administrator
Taylor runs the servers that keep the network up.
Madelaine Martino
Madelaine MartinoCustomer Relations Manager
Madelaine ensures customers are happy with their installs.