MyLeak is pleased to unveil its advanced water leak detection system designed to help commercial businesses avoid disastrous water damage by detecting a leak when it first occurs.





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Summary: Developed to be small, user-friendly and virtually maintenance free, the MyLeak advanced water leak detection system alerts property owners or managers about potential water leaks and the presence of excess moisture. The system is ideal for commercial property owners and businesses interested in averting a water intrusion disaster that could destroy property and lead to expensive repairs.

 United States, September 21, 2017 – The MyLeak system is comprised of a small wireless sensor module that works in conjunction with an app and a WiFi connection to send alerts when a water leak first occurs. The module is easy to install and requires no installation expert to get the system up and running. Unlike other advanced leak detection systems, MyLeak does not require users to pay monthly subscription fees or install expensive hubs.

Once the user activates the sensor module and completes the online set-up, the system is ready to monitor areas at a high risk for water leakage and communicate this information to the user’s cellphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Some of the locations that may be at risk include:

  • Refrigerator lines
  • Heating and air conditioning units
  • Bathroom sinks and bathtubs
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Water pipes
  • And many others

Many commercial properties contain more than one location with a risk of water leakage. MyLeak allows property owners to connect a series of sensor modules in order to create a secure network of water leak protection across the entire property. Installing additional modules is just as easy as installing the first module and does not require extra equipment or fees. When installed, all of the sensor modules will be able to communicate with one or more WiFi-enabled devices. Should a water leak develop, users will receive instant notifications about the presence of water before it causes structural damage.

The MyLeak advanced leak detection system is ideal for commercial properties in which customers and employees frequently use water. Examples of commercial properties that will benefit from the MyLeak system include:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Apartment buildings
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Day care centers
  • Industrial businesses

MyLeak is designed to only detect excessive moisture. This means that steam, humidity and even water droplets will not activate the alert system and cause users to spring into action unnecessarily. The MyLeak modules come with a three-year warranty covering workmanship and materials. Users can also order an optional three-foot sensor cable to extend a single sensor module’s coverage.

Other valuable features of the MyLeak detection system include:

  • Very small, three-inch diameter footprint
  • Up to eight years of life on two AA lithium batteries
  • Up to three years of life with regular alkaline batteries
  • Modules are child resistant
  • No maintenance is required to remain protected
  • Alerts users when batteries are low
  • Alerts users when WiFi is not available or functioning
  • Can be set to alert repair companies if a leak occurs

When compared with other advanced leak detection systems, MyLeak provides the same premium functionality with only a minimal initial investment. Additional information about the system is available online at The website also offers detailed information, manuals and instructional videos to help users make the most of MyLeak.

About MyLeak

 The MyLeak advanced water leak detection system is the brainchild of a team of technology authorities. All members of the team work together to ensure that each module is well constructed and each customer is satisfied with the alert system as well as the sensor modules. Each member of the team can be reached via email to answer questions and address concerns about the system.