With advanced leak detection systems, you get a peace of mind regarding water leaks and hidden damage that nothing else can provide. Maybe you’ve had a home suffer tens of thousands of dollars in damage before. Maybe you’ve just read the horror stories from other homeowners about water that went unnoticed, causing rot and decay all the way to the home’s frame.

Either way, you know that your home is incredibly valuable to your family and a large financial investment. You don’t want to take the risk. With the right water leak detection tool, you don’t have to.


Insurance Benefits

One of the fringe benefits of using an advanced leak detection setup is that you may get a reduction on your insurance rates. Insurance companies know how expensive water damage can be, and they know most homeowners and business owners aren’t paying much attention until the problems are nearly catastrophic. Using a water leak detection tool shows them that you’re dedicated to reducing potential damage on your end, so you’re not a risk to them.


The Right Sensors for the Job

If you use our advanced leak detection sensors, you get small sensors that are just 3 inches in diameter. They’re easy to hide, and, even with their small size, they have an 8-year battery life. You don’t have to do any maintenance or change those batteries often, and you’ll get a convenient alert when they’re running low. On top of that, the sensors hook up to your WiFi as it’s connected right now, with no need for extra hubs or anything else. Installation is incredibly easy.

Our goal, when designing this system, was to make it as easy to use and as effective as possible. There are no inconvenient and complicated lines to run, but you still get long-lasting detection with the advanced batteries. You don’t need any special devices to connect the sensors to the WiFi system as it is right now, which means you’re up and running quickly.


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