Don’t Let Leaks Ruin Property While You’re Away

If you have a vacation home, a rental property or you travel a good deal, leaving your home unoccupied, leaks can cause serious, costly damage that can destroy your home. Mold caused by water damage can make a property uninsurable.

MyLeak Atlanta water leak detection sensors alert you to leaks via text or email before they can damage your property and possessions. Our easy-to-install Atlanta water leak detection systems are just three inches. They can be attached anywhere that could be subject to leaks, including:

  • Air conditioning condensate pans
  • Bathtubs
  • Ice makers
  • Refrigerators
  • Sinks
  • Water heaters

Just follow the instructions on our website.

How Do Our Atlanta Water Leak Detection Sensors Work?

Our sensors connect to your WiFi system. No additional hub or electricity is necessary. If the sensor detects a leak, you’ll be notified wherever you are in the world.

The batteries last up to 3 years, and 8 if you use lithium batteries. However, if the batteries are running low, you’ll receive an update. You never have to worry that they’ve run out. Our water leak detection sensors in Atlanta GA have a one-year warranty.

MyLeak Is Recognized by Leading Insurance Companies

Insurance companies including AIG and Fireman’s Fund provide discounts on premiums for up to 15 percent to property owners who use MyLeak sensors. That’s because our Atlanta water leak detection sensors have been proven effective in preventing expensive leaks.

Find Out More About MyLeak

To find out more about our commercial and residential water leak detection systems in New Orleans LA call us at 1-844-872-7326 or email us at To find a MyLeak retailer, check out the list on our website. Let MyLeak give you peace of mind for all of your properties.