MyLeak is an innovative manufacturer of Austin commercial water leak detection products that are designed to prevent your building from suffering unnecessary water damage. A leaking pipe can cause indoor flooding, which leads to major problems such as mold, structural damage, aesthetic problems and ongoing remediation needs.

Instead of dealing with all of those issues, choose our Austin water leak detection products. These easy-to-use and easy-to-install detectors conveniently use your building’s Internet connection to keep you informed about the status of your pipes.


What happens when our Austin commercial water leak detection products find a leak?

Our Austin water leak detection products use your WiFi connection and is controlled by our easy-to-use app to quickly inform you about potential leaks in your building.

  • You can choose to receive notifications via e-mail or text. Our simple design and easy functions mean that you will never be caught unaware by a leak at your commercial building. You can even set up notifications to be sent to your plumbing or HVAC professionals, too.
  • Whether you own a hotel, apartment complex or office building, our commercial water leak detection products in Austin TX are right for you.
  • In addition to structural damage, leaking pipes can also reduce the water pressure coming out of your pipes — and you could run up thousands of dollars in extra utility costs. With our water leak detection products in Austin TX, all of those issues are eliminated. You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with knowing that you will be able to identify any leak that comes along at your building.

Our Austin commercial water leak detection products come with a one-year parts and labor warranty, and their battery lives an average of about three years. Even better, you will get a text or e-mail notification if the battery is running low. What could be easier? Get rid of the hassle associated with leaky pipes, and contact the MyLeak team. We look forward to introducing you to our product.