Without the use of Charlotte commercial water leak detection products, how do you find out that you have a roof leak or leaky plumbing system? Well, the answer is not ideal — you have to notice the appearance of indicators such as waterlogged drywall, peeling paint, mold growth and wet soil. By that point, you could be facing thousands of dollars in repair costs.

That is money that you could spend on improvements or expansions, but now you are wasting it on water-related remediation efforts. You could avoid this fate with the help of MyLeak’s Charlotte water leak detection products and corresponding Smartphone app.

Learn about the benefits of our high-tech commercial water leak detection products in Charlotte NC, and identify opportunities for saving money — and headaches — with a comprehensive leak detection system.


Why our Charlotte commercial water leak detection products surpass the competition

You may be familiar with subscription-service Charlotte water leak detection products. These often integrate with security systems and other monitoring products. What about property managers who only need water leak detection products in Charlotte NC — not a complete monitoring suite? Should you have to pay for monthly charges?

MyLeak does not think so. Our easy-to-install smart leak sensors involve only a one-time, up-front cost of less than $100 per unit. Users complete an easy installation procedure by connecting their units to WiFi, and presto! Areas of your home or business are fully protected in just minutes.

Place your leak detecting unit in any location that you think could be vulnerable to water leaks — near pipe joints, in your attic, or in basements. No matter where you place your detection units, they will last for years with our reliable battery systems, and you enjoy the protection of a one-year parts and labor warrantee. Nothing could be simpler.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can get the peace of mind you need and deserve from MyLeak’s Charlotte commercial water leak detection products.