Traditional commercial water leak detection service involves bringing in a technician for invasive evaluation. Generally, these steps are not taken until someone notices a wet spot or mold in a building — and by that point, isn’t it too late?

You deserve to have more reliable, quicker delivery of information about leaky pipes or moisture problems, and for that you need MyLeak. Our commercial water leak detection company provides you with responsive information about your building without the expense and inconvenience of bringing a technician to the facility.

Imagine having easy-to-use commercial water leak detection sensors that virtually anyone can install and maintain. It is not a pipe dream — it is modern technology — and MyLeak is here to help you get started with our cutting-edge product and app.


A cost-effective commercial water leak detection service

Instead of waiting for a technician to arrive — or installing high-priced leak detection systems throughout your facility — why not consider MyLeak’s compact modules? At less than $100 per unit, the devices manufactured by our commercial water leak detection company are among the most affordable on the market — and they’re effective!

All you need is a few batteries, a computer and a WiFi connection to get started. You can literally have a leak detection setup ready to use in a matter of minutes, offering you protection from:

  • Mold, fungal and bacterial growth in your building
  • Property damage, including damaged drywall, electronics and furnishings
  • Structural damage to your commercial building
  • Down-time required to fix water-related damage
  • And many other negative consequences associated with leaks

As a commercial property manager or owner, you use every method possible to make your life easier and save money. Why wouldn’t you consider MyLeak as a part of that comprehensive plan? You can receive immediate text and e-mail notifications the minute a leak occurs. You can even have these alerts submitted directly to plumbing or HVAC professionals for ultra-quick response.

Save yourself time, energy, and money with the use of our commercial water leak detection service. We can’t wait to help you get started with this revolutionary product.