Many commercial water leak detection products are simply too invasive and expensive for small-business owners. Although you want to protect your business, you do not want the downtime that comes along with installing wires, cords and connected units throughout your building.

Furthermore, you do not want to drop thousands of dollars on a leak detection system that is not guaranteed to work. Instead of going through that type of rigorous process, why not check out MyLeak’s commercial water leak detection sensors?

Our products are compact, affordable and easy-to-use, making installation a breeze. They’re accompanied by a sleek, user-friendly app that makes setup and maintenance simple. All you have to do is select your desired location, put in the batteries and link the unit to your WiFi connection. When the sensor detects a leak or moisture issue, it will fire off e-mail or text message alerts. What could be simpler?

Instead of choosing those complicated commercial water leak detection systems, select MyLeak for your hotel, retail, apartment complex, or office building needs. You can have the protection you need in just minutes instead of days.


Why commercial water leak detection products are important

Imagine that you are away from your office for the weekend, and you come in on Monday morning to find the entire place flooded. This is an immediate hazard for your employees, particularly if there are electrified systems in place that could lead to shock injuries. Now, you have to spend weeks repairing the damage — and you are out thousands of dollars. What if commercial water leak detection sensors could help you avoid it?

MyLeak offers compact units that can be placed in any location where you might expect a leak. Put these water leak detection sensors near pipes, in kitchens and bathrooms and near HVAC units or water heaters. If a leak is detected, you get a text or e-mail message right away, helping you avoid that Monday morning scenario. With our commercial water leak detection products, you no longer have to worry about property damage that could derail your business. Contact us today to learn more!