What would happen if your office flooded? How much damage would occur? One way to prevent such damage is to invest in MyLeak. These Denver commercial water leak detection products can help prevent damage due to water leaks. How does it work? It alerts you by email or text when it detects humidity, water vapor or steam. You know exactly where the potential problem is and can get started on repairs before a massive amount of damage is done.

Denver Water Leak Detection Products

There are other commercial water leak detection products in Denver CO besides MyLeak, but the advantages of MyLeak are simply too good to ignore. Consider the following:

  • Small footprint, as the sensor is only three inches in diameter
  • There is no extra hub needed
  • There is no maintenance required
  • A lithium battery will last for up to eight years
  • MyLeak works anywhere in the world

These are just a few of the benefits of MyLeak. We know that our water leak detection products in Denver CO are very affordable when compared to other leak detection products. MyLeak has a one-year warranty on workmanship and materials. You won’t have to worry about the battery dying and the sensor not being powered, either. You will receive alerts to leaks, no WiFi and a low battery.

The MyLeak Denver commercial water leak detection products are ready to help both business owners and homeowners protect their structure. Water damage can often be silent as it spreads through your building. MyLeak ensures that you are made aware of the problem. You can even set the system to automatically notify your plumbing company. What more can you ask for?

Call Today to Learn More About MyLeak

We know that protecting your home or office is very important. If you have questions about MyLeak, simply give us a call at 972-395-5422 Ext. 500. We know that our Denver commercial water leak detection products will help you protect your home from leaks and subsequent water damage. We look forward to hearing from you.