Denver water leak detection sensors can be the only thing standing between you and extensive damage to your home. A water leak can create mold and decay, even when it doesn’t cause obvious damage. As time goes by, you can see damage to paint, drywall, carpet and much more. If you try to sell your home, evidence of water damage is one of the main things that can scare new buyers off.

The best way to put a stop to it is with our residential water leak detection systems in Denver CO. The small sensor connects to WiFi and sends you an alert if water begins to show up. Many leaks are accidentally ignored until a ton of damage has been done, just because people aren’t always looking for them. With these Denver water leak detection sensors, which can be placed strategically throughout the home, you’ll be the first to know and you can take proper action.


Why Our Residential Water Leak Detection Systems in Denver CO Stand Apart

Maybe you’re considering multiple Denver residential water leak detection systems and you want to know why ours are the best. Below are a few perks to show why you should choose us:

  • Setting up the WiFi system is simple and easy, and the device runs without input or maintenance after it is installed.
  • Each sensor is just three inches in diameter and completely childproof. The system is unobtrusive as it fits into your home.
  • The sensors come with their own batteries, which are rated for eight years of life. You don’t have to worry about changing them out all the time or not benefiting from the system.
  • When the batteries do get low, you’ll get an alert. You don’t have to manually check them yourself.

When you pick our water leak detection sensors in Denver CO, we also give you a one-year warranty, so you know we stand behind our products.


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