Let MyLeak Electronic Water Leak Detector Give You Peace of Mind

If you have a rental property, vacation home or even if you’re just away from home a good deal, a leak can cause costly, serious damage within hours or less. Further, if mold forms as the result of a flood you can have trouble insuring or selling the property.

The MyLeak electronic leak detector is able to recognize the first sign of a leak and contact you via email or text so that you can turn off the water before it can damage drywall, floors, ceilings and valuable possessions.

A Small Footprint

MyLeak won’t mar the beauty of your home. Our electronic water leak detection systems are small (just 3 inches), easy to install and childproof. Install them anywhere a leak could occur, including:

  • Bathtubs and showers
  • Sinks and basins
  • Refrigerators and ice makers
  • AC condensation pans
  • Water heaters

You never have to worry that you, one of your kids, and tenant or a worker left the water running again.

Our electronic water leak detectors connect to your WiFi system. There’s no electricity or additional hub required. The batteries last for years (up to 8 years if you use lithium batteries). However, when they run low, you’ll be notified automatically via text or email.

Save Money on Insurance Premiums

Not only does the MyLeak electronic water leak detection system save you money by preventing costly water damage, but leading insurers like AIG, Chubb Group and Fireman’s Fund offer discounts of up to 15 percent to customers who install them.

Learn More About MyLeak

To find out more about our electronic water leak detector and how it works, check out the videos on our website. You can also call us at 1-844-872-7326 or email us at info@myleakapp.com. Let MyLeak provide you with peace of mind that all of your properties are protected from destructive leaks and water damage.