Let Our Home Water Leak Detection System Give You Protection and Peace of Mind

If you own a rental property or vacation home that goes unoccupied at times or even if, like most of us, you’re out of your home for most of the day, the MyLeak electronic leak detector can provide protection from costly, damaging leaks.

Besides damaging floors, carpeting, walls, ceilings, furniture and possessions, a leak can cause dangerous mold to form. This can make your property unhealthy to live in and difficult to insure or sell.

Place the Home Water Leak Detection Devices Anywhere You Could Have a Leak

MyLeak is just three inches around. That means they’ll fit just about anywhere. You can install them in the bathroom, kitchen, near the water heater and anywhere you’ve previously had or could experience a leak.

Because the water leak detector is WiFi operated, it doesn’t have to be near an electrical outlet to work. You also don’t need an extra hub. MyLeak  works with your existing WiFi system.

You never have to worry that someone (including you) may have left the water running in your home or that a malfunction caused a leak that you couldn’t get to until it was too late.

You can basically install the MyLeak caps and then forget about them. They automatically notify you via text or email not only if there’s a leak, but if the water detector’s WiFi connection has stopped or the batteries are running low.

Learn More About This State-of-the Art Home Water Leak Detection System

Find out more about MyLeak right here on our site. You can also talk with one of our friendly, knowledgeable professionals at 1-844-872-7326 or send us an email at info@myleakapp.com. We think you’ll be impressed with how much protection and peace of mind you can get for your home, vacation properties, rental properties and business.