When your home has a leak in your water pipes or from various appliances, it is important to find and fix the leak quickly. A leak can do a tremendous amount of damage. It doesn’t take a long time for this damage to occur either. MyLeak residential water leak detection systems in Houston TX is a device that will detect the presence of water, such as water droplets, steam or high humidity and notify you. The sensor will send you a text message or an email, describing exactly where the leak is so that you can get a repair done quickly if needed.

Houston Water Leak Detection Sensors

A leak can quickly turn into thousands of dollars’ worth of water damage in a residential or commercial property. Our water leak detection sensors in Houston TX are different from other leak detectors. Here’s how we are different:

  • Only 3-inches in diameter, so it has a small footprint
  • No extra hub is needed
  • Use any WiFi device to install it
  • You won’t have to worry about maintenance
  • Your lithium battery life is 8 years
  • MyLeak works anywhere in the world

It’s important to have a reliable leak detection product for your home or office. MyLeak will not just notify you about the presence of water or water vapor, you can set it off to notify you when there is no Internet connection or the batter needs replaced.

Houston Residential Water Leak Detection Systems

MyLeak is safe to use, as it is childproof and easy to install. If you use a normal alkaline battery, the Houston water leak detection sensors will last about three years. Should you use a lithium battery, though, your device is last eight years on average.

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