What happens if you fail to protect your property with Indianapolis commercial water leak detection products? You risk serious damage to your building or home. The fact is that plumbing leaks can have just as serious an impact as flooding and other water-related events.

When your property is affected by water damage, the property value is often driven down, and you risk ongoing consequences such as mold and fungal growth. Instead of dealing with these issues, consider installing our easy-to-use Indianapolis water leak detection products.

With MyLeak, you get the peace of mind you need and deserve, allowing you to get back to the everyday operations at your business complex, hotel or apartment building. Assure your quick response to plumbing failures with our commercial water leak detection products in Indianapolis IN.


Setup for our Indianapolis commercial water leak detection products couldn’t be easier

All you need to install our Indianapolis water leak detection products is a computer/Smartphone (with our intuitive app) and a couple batteries. Our water leak detection products in Indianapolis IN are simple to set up, only requiring access to a basic web browser and WiFi connection.

What’s the benefit? With our small-footprint leak-detection devices, you can get immediate text or e-mail alerts identifying the location of a leak in your building. Furthermore, the devices will alert users if batteries are running low or a WiFi connection is lost for a prolonged period of time.

No other product offers that same level of protection at such an affordable cost — at less than $100 per unit, MyLeak can be used throughout your commercial or residential facility, offering you the widespread protection you need to prevent property damage and ongoing problems. Do not delay.

Explore our website or contact us today to learn more about our reliable, high-tech Indianapolis commercial water leak detection products. You will be glad you took the time to protect your real estate investment.