There’s a perk you may not have thought of if you’re considering Indianapolis water leak detection sensors: the insurance discount. Your insurance company may give you a break if they know you have the best residential water leak detection systems Indianapolis has to offer because they know nothing is going unnoticed.

Many water damage claims come after water has been entering the house for some time – perhaps a slow leak for months, for instance, or a major leak while a family is on vacation – and so the damage is everywhere. Insurance companies have to pay to fix everything from the drywall to the carpet to the source of the leak. With Indianapolis residential water leak detection systems, they know the risk is far lower, and it can be reflected in the price.


Our Systems

Our Indianapolis water leak detection sensors are incredibly easy to use. The small, three-inch sensors just have to be mounted in areas where a leak is likely and then hooked up to your in-home WiFi. After that, you only get alerts if there’s a leak or if the battery is low. But don’t worry, the powerful battery has an eight-year life and there’s no maintenance required on your end. With the top residential water leak detection systems Indianapolis residents can buy, you can sit back and feel secure in the fact that your home is in great shape.

These aren’t just for older homes. Remember, most roofs are only rated for around 20-30 years, and they can wear out far faster in harsh weather. Plus, even brand new homes can have broken pipes, leaks around the bathtub seal, broken lines to the refrigerator, backed up drains, and many other issues. All homeowners, regardless of the age or style of the home, can potentially benefit from the best water leak detection sensors Indianapolis has to offer.


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