One of the main benefits of choosing our Nashville water leak detection sensors – other than the fact that you get prompt alerts that help you protect your home from water damage – is that our system is small and easy to use. Each sensor is just three inches across, so they can be set up and never seen. They also work with your current WiFi setup, without the need for another hub. All told, we designed our residential water leak detection systems in Nashville TN to fit with your home and your family, rather than forcing you to make changes to adapt to the system.


Our Warranty

Another benefit is that we stand behind our Nashville water leak detection sensors. We’ll give you a one-year warranty when you buy from us. This is a proven system that you can trust, and we’re there for you if you ever need anything else.


The Best Battery-Operated System

In the past, a big issue that people have had with other residential water leak detection systems in Nashville TN is that the batteries die too frequently and without notice. People would not realize the sensors were dead and think they were protected when they really weren’t.

When we designed our Nashville residential water leak detection systems, we decided to take on that issue directly. We started out with incredibly powerful, reliable batteries. You’re not changing them out every month or every year after the install; they’ll last for eight years.

Next, we built our water leak detection sensors in Nashville TN to give you an alert before the battery dies, when it’s getting low. This gives you time to change the battery without having any gaps in your coverage. It also ensures that you never have to worry that there is an unseen leak, feeling the same stress that you did before you had the system. This is why we’re the best system on the market today.


Call Now

We would be more than happy to answer your questions or tell you more about how our Nashville water leak detection sensors can help you and your family. Please use the number on this page and call today.