When pipes burst, or even just leak, you can have a real mess on your hands — unless you employ our Phoenix commercial water leak detection products. At MyLeak, we understand just how high the stakes are for our commercial property manager clients. Not only can leaks cause inconvenient effects such as lower water pressure or skyrocketing utility bills — they can also lead to thousands of dollars in property damage.

Without Phoenix water leak detection products, you could even experience downtime at your business because of damage related to a leak. Instead of living with this worry and anxiety, invest in our economically-priced commercial water leak detection products in Phoenix AZ.

Our compact, easy-to-use leak sensors will help you quickly identify leaks at your facility, allowing you to respond faster and lowering your risk for major expenses related to an indoor water leak.


How do these Phoenix commercial water leak detection products work?

MyLeak offers a product and corresponding app that protects you from water damage costs. Our compact, user-friendly units are easily installed on pipes or water-related systems in your facility. Simply attach the unit and let it start working for you. When it detects significant water, it will alert you either via text of e-mail.

Our Phoenix water leak detection products operate without a monthly service charge, and they use your existing WiFi connection to keep you informed about leaks in your home. You will get a text or e-mail notification from our water leak detection products in Phoenix AZ if the unit:

  • Detects a leak
  • Runs low on battery
  • Is disconnected from WiFi
  • Or has a confirmed change in its setup

With such a small footprint — and ease of use that makes installation foolproof — our Phoenix commercial water leak detection products are the best choice for any commercial facility. Let us show you just how reliable MyLeak can be. Contact us today to get started or explore MyLeak further via our website.