Welcome to MyLeak, where we offer residential water leak detection sensors that allow you to find out about leaks before they have time to cause excessive damage to your home.

Our team of engineers and technicians carefully developed a product and corresponding Smartphone application that makes leak prevention a breeze. Instead of investing in elaborate, expensive residential water leak detection systems, you can carefully place a series of MyLeak leak detection sensors in areas of your home to achieve the same level of protection.


Effective water leak detection sensors for residential use

Each MyLeak unit is compact and highly effective. The unit is very easy to install. Each unit comes with a series of instructions that will quickly and conveniently allow you to activate the sensor and program it through the app.

By using a number of MyLeak sensors, you can create your own water leak detection systems for residential use that offer even advanced capabilities.

  • When a MyLeak sensor detects excessive moisture, it will send either an e-mail or text alert to the number or e-mail address that you programmed in. This can be contact information for yourself, plumbing professionals or even a landlord at a rental complex.
  • Our residential water leak detection sensors will tell the person where the unit is located (this is also programmed in) so they can quickly find it.
  • Unlike residential water leak detection systems, MyLeak units connect with your wireless internet, so you don’t have to worry about a dedicated hub or costly measures like that.

MyLeak is quite literally one of the easiest, most convenient and affordable ways to prevent damaging leaks in your home. We invite you to further explore our residential water leak detection sensors — we offer a variety of literature and demo videos. Please contact us if you have any questions.