MyLeak offers homeowners cost-efficient residential wireless leak detection sensors that allow you to find out about a leak before it has the chance to inflict excessive water damage on to your home.

Full-scale residential wireless leak detection systems are a proactive, highly effective way in which to avoid costly damage from leaks. However, these systems can be expensive and elaborate to install and maintain.

With MyLeak, we offer wireless WiFi leak detection sensors that achieve the same end and are simpler and more affordable.


Thrifty — yet effective — wireless WiFi leak detection systems

MyLeak and our wireless WiFi leak detection products can cover any corner of your home or commercial building. We sell affordable sensor units, which are small so they can fit just about anywhere.

By activating and programming the sensor, you can make sure that, when the unit detects water, it will inform you via text message or e-mail. These messages will let you know right away when a leak has been detected and it will guide you to the leak.

Our residential wireless leak detection sensors run through your home’s WiFi, so you don’t have to install a central hub or worry about any sort of monthly subscription free.


You can master our wireless WiFi leak detection products

Unlike elaborate residential wireless leak detection systems, MyLeak takes just a matter of minutes to install each unit — and you can do it yourself even without any experience or expertise.

The tricky thing about leaks is identifying them in time so they don’t have a chance to inflict serious damage. With MyLeak, it’s possible.

Learn more about our residential wireless leak detection sensors and consider buying them individually or in bulk. Any residential, commercial or industrial environment can benefit from having MyLeak sensors installed throughout. If you have any questions, please let our team know.