Water damage can cost thousands of dollars. That’s why more homeowners, property managers, landlords and plumbing professionals are investing in the MyLeak San Diego water leak detection sensors. MyLeak is one of the most affordable and advanced residential water leak detection systems in San Diego CA. MyLeak features easy to install sensors, compatibility with our proprietary app or email, and peace of mind for those worried about water leaks and water damage.

When you use our water leak detection sensors in San Diego CA, you can reduce your homeowners insurance premium and protect your home and any possessions inside. Other San Diego residential water leak detection systems just aren’t as simple, affordable, and easy-to-install as the MyLeak system.


MyLeak Can Save Your Home and Protect Your Investments

When an air conditioner, water heater, sink, shower or toilet leaks, it can cause a lot of issues. Damage to your floor and walls, as well as the ceilings of lower stories, are just the beginning. Your possessions could be damaged or destroyed. If not found quickly, mold could develop, causing health issues. The MyLeak San Diego water leak detection sensors can make these issues into unpleasant memories.

MyLeak can offer you:

  • Long battery life, from three to eight years depending on batteries
  • Alerts or emails for low battery, failing WiFi and leak detection
  • Peace of mind for investment properties or your home while you’re out
  • Reduced costs for your homeowner’s insurance policy
  • A childproof, easy-to-install solution for leak detection


Let MyLeak Give You Peace of Mind About Potential Leaks

When you need San Diego water leak detection sensors, MyLeak should be your first choice. Installing our residential water leak detection systems in San Diego CA is simple. You can get notifications right on your cellphone about any leaks as soon as they happen. If the battery fails or the local WiFi signal goes out, you receive notifications about that as well, helping to avoid any system failure when you need it the most. You can count on MyLeak to help prevent serious water damage.