“I considered buying leak detectors, but waited too long.  I lost all my furniture on the first floor including heirlooms when I was at work!  Wish I hadn’t waited.”  Joe in Arizona

“My neighbor called me on vacation and said water was pouring out my front door!  Could have been alerted with a leak detector!”  Alfonzo in Ohio

“We had to replace all our flooring from a leak, and we had to pay for almost all of it because of our deductible.”  The Caldwells in Oregon

These people lost  10s of thousands of $ when they delayed buying leak detectors!  DON’T BE LIKE THEM!  Smart people prevent costly disasters.

Just choose a spot with the possibility of a leak. Kitchens, baths, refrigerators, ice makers, water heaters, AC condensate pans, vacation homes are all vulnerable to water damage. Connect to WIFI on a device, follow a few steps, and presto! Your sensor is set to alert you to disaster before it strikes.

Simple, efficient, no electricity required, no expensive hub needed. Get alerts through email or text.

Perfect for homes, hotels, apartment complexes, and office buildings.

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One Year of Free Monitoring worth $36 per sensor!  FREE SHIPPING!

Stop water damage in its tracks.  Email and/or text alerts to multiple contacts.  Alerts for water, low battery and no WiFi.



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