According to the Insurance Information Institute, you are 5 times more likely to experience water damage as opposed to a robbery.  You subscribe to security alarms.  Now you can get water alarms on a subscription program.  Free sensors for a small monitoring fee.

Easy Installation

Just choose a spot with the possibility of a leak. Kitchens, baths, refrigerators, ice makers, water heaters, AC condensate pans, vacation homes are all vulnerable to water damage. Connect to WIFI on a device, follow a few steps, and presto! Your device is set to alert you to disaster before it strikes.

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This is a monthly monitoring subscription for MyLeak sensors.  Sensors are provided free.

Sensor extension cables will need to be purchased separately and are not part of the subscription. (These are NOT power cales.  Unit is battery powered.)

You will be billed once per month for the quantity you choose.  Larger quantities get bigger discounts.

All subscriptions need to be managed directly on PayPal through your PayPal login.

Shipping is free.  We will notify you when the items ship.

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