If you are a property manager, you are probably on the lookout for the best water leak detector for apartment buildings. Although there are many products out there already, so many of them require expensive, invasive installation processes that disrupt your residents and cost you an arm and a leg.

What are you expected to do? Good news! MyLeak has the answer. Our apartment building wireless leak detector offers you the protection you need at the price you demand. Best of all? It is easy to set up. All you need is a computer, a couple batteries and a functional WiFi connection. In just minutes, your apartment wireless leak detector can be up and running, protecting your residents’ possessions and protecting you from liability.


Why our water leak detector for apartment buildings is the clear choice for you

Let’s face it: Pipes burst. Plumbing can be damaged by cold snaps and other temperature fluctuations, but degrading pipes and other issues can also cause flooding problems. Even a broken washing machine could cause an indoor flood that affects multiple residents. With all of these to consider, how do property managers deal with finding the right apartment building wireless leak detector.

They trust MyLeak! Our patented product design has a minimal footprint, allowing users to install it nearly anywhere. Installation is easy thanks to the MyLeak app.

When you choose a MyLeak water leak detector for apartment buildings, you are selecting the easy, high-tech option that lowers your risk and protects your residents’ belongings. Instead of dealing with the consequences of a leak — mold growth, bacterial intrusion, and other unpleasant side-effects — why not get the peace of mind you need with our wireless leak detection system? We make leak detection easy and affordable.

With a MyLeak water leak detector for apartment buildings, you can get alerts sent to your e-mail or texts to your phone to alert to the presence of leaks so you can respond right away!