Have you shopped for a water leak detector for commercial buildings recently? If so, you may have noticed that most of these systems are invasive, complicated and expensive — largely because so many are designed for heavy industrial uses, not for office buildings and other lower-risk complexes.

Instead of settling for a commercial buildings wireless leak detector that does not exactly suit your needs, why not consider the MyLeak solution? Or combination sensor and app is flexible and designed to grow along with your facility with seamless, easy integration into your existing approach. Each commercial wireless leak detector has a footprint of less than four inches, and it costs less than $100 per unit!

With such an affordable price, you can’t afford not to install MyLeak sensors throughout your facility. Learn all about the benefits of our outstanding products today!


How a water leak detector for commercial buildings can help protect your investments

Your building is full of expensive business-related equipment — computers, laboratory machines, printers, and even files with critical hard-copy information. Why put all of that at risk by failing to install a commercial buildings wireless leak detector?

By the same token, most systems on the market today are entirely too expansive for office buildings, hotels or apartment complexes. You don’t need a sensor every inch to protect against major leaks, so do not fall for those companies’ claims. Instead, check out the flexible MyLeak system, which offers the following advantages:

  • No central hub
  • No wires to connect
  • Complete Wi-Fi connectivity
  • E-mail and text alerts in the event of leaks, low battery, or loss of Internet
  • Fast and easy installation through the MyLeak app

If you choose our system for your water leak detector for commercial buildings, you could even enjoy insurance discounts that can put more money in your pocket every month. Do not delay – contact us today to learn more about this exciting product.