Did you know that a water leak detector for home use can actually help you even if you do not live in a climate that is prone to flooding? That is because pipes in your home can burst quite easily — and unexpectedly — leaving you with financial and emotional issues to deal with after the destruction of your property.


What if you could spend a little bit of money on a preventive solution instead of dropping thousands of dollars on repairs at your house? Wouldn’t you rather guard against the chances of a pipe leak?


At MyLeak, we understand that most home water leak detection systems are quite expensive, and they often require ongoing subscription services that are frankly cost-prohibitive. We have set out to create a leak detector for home water leak purposes that is designed to keep costs down while still giving you the protection you need. It is not too good to be true — it is MyLeak.


How our water leak detector for home property can help you have peace of mind

If anyone reading this has ever experienced a flood in their home, the benefits of having one of our home water leak detection systems is obvious. Remember the stress and devastation that came along with finding out that your personal belongings had been destroyed? What about the time it took to recover, even if the flood was relatively modest? The noxious smells associated with poor cleanup if your landlord wasn’t fastidious enough? All of those can be a real pain.

Other consequences of pipes bursting can include:

  • Mold, fungus, and bacteria growth
  • Structural damage
  • Aesthetic damage to home furnishings and drywall
  • Noxious odors
  • And other potential health issues

All of those problems can be avoided with a MyLeak water leak detector for home installation. Check out MyLeak’s superior, advanced design and quick and easy installation process – all you need is some batteries, a computer, and an Internet connection. With the MyLeak app, you can input information about your device (i.e. where it’s located) and set up e-mail and text message alerts that go out when the sensor detects a leak. Serious leak prevention has never been this easy or affordable!