If you’ve never used a top-end water leakage detector before, you may think you’re just at the mercy of hidden water damage and leaks. They often happen behind appliances, in the roofline, in the attic, in the basement, or in other places where you don’t see the leak itself – you just see all of the damage starting to work its way through your home.

You don’t have to wait for that damage and then pay to fix it or file an insurance claim. That’s far more expensive than finding the problem and stopping it right as it begins. With our water leakage detection systems, you get high-caliber leak sensors that you can put all over your home, targeting areas where leaks are common, so that you get the warning you need.


The Sensors

The first thing you should know is that a water leakage detector from us will run for a full eight years on a single battery charge. You don’t have to do maintenance or upkeep. The sensors are also small, at just three inches in diameter, and fully childproof. We’ve really revolutionized the design and we think you’ll love how it works.


WiFi Connections

Our water leakage detection systems also run on WiFi, but there’s not any extra gear to set up. If you already have WiFi in your home or business, you’re ready to go. You just connect the sensor and use your device – like a mobile phone – to set it all up in seconds. If there’s a leak, the sensor can text you an alert or send you an email message, whichever you prefer.


Best Uses

You’ve been looking at various water leakage detection companies to find the perfect solution, and now you have. These devices are ideal for homes, businesses, office buildings, apartment complexes, and especially vacation homes. They’re easy to use and take all of the pressure off of you. They can also help with your insurance premiums, as insurance companies love to see that you have an advanced warning system in place.


Call Today

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