WiFi water leak alarms are a highly effective way of monitoring hidden spots in your home or commercial building to make sure that they are not harboring a damaging leak.

After all, how often do you scour every inch of your home’s plumbing to make sure that water is not leaking out or causing damage? You probably rarely, if ever do that. The problem with this is that if there ever was a leak, you wouldn’t know about it until it caused significant damage.

Enter MyLeak. We have developed advanced WiFi water leak detectors that monitor this for you. These are water leak alarms that use WiFi to connect with the internet. When they detect a leak in the area where they are installed, they will send you e-mail or text alerts that let you know.

Based on the information programmed into the sensor through our MyLeak app, the notification will let you know exactly when it detected the leak and where the leak might be located. These alerts can be sent straight to you, or you can have them forwarded on to plumbing professionals who are able to take action right away.


Truly advanced WiFi water leak alarms

The MyLeak team worked hard to develop WiFi water leak detectors that were:

  • Affordable: Leak monitoring systems can be pricey — but each of our units are under $100 and there are no monthly subscriptions to worry about.
  • Easy: It’s a breeze to activate, install and program your sensor. If you run into any trouble, we have more than enough available information to walk you through it step by step.
  • Long-lasting: Our water leak detectors that use WiFi last up to three years on a traditional set of batteries alone. With lithium batteries, you can get a solid eight years out of them!

MyLeak is changing the way that residential and commercial clients act quickly when faced with a leak. Explore our WiFi water leak alarms by shopping with us.