When you are in the market for WiFi water leak detection sensors, you want reliability and accuracy without excessive cost. In many instances, commercial and residential property owners are duped into purchasing extensive systems that lead to additional construction expenses and downtime for their facilities.

Do not be persuaded into buying more WiFi water leak detection products than you really need. With MyLeak’s affordable, customizable modules, you can enjoy the home and business protection that you need without emptying your pocketbook. We can’t wait to help you get the WiFi water leak detection systems components that you need.


How WiFi water leak detection sensors can help you protect your property

WiFi enabled sensors are the all-new sensation in home monitoring, but many of them require ongoing monthly subscriptions or expensive hub stations to be functional. Instead of dropping all that cash on WiFi water leak detection products that have more functions than you require, why not check out MyLeak’s easy-to-use product?

Our individual, easy-to-install sensors cost less than $100 each, and you can get just the right number of modules to provide perfect protection for your property. Avoid negative consequences of indoor flooding such as:

  • Mold and mildew smell
  • Structural damage
  • Damage to building fixtures and furnishing
  • Lower property values
  • Construction and repair costs
  • And others

MyLeak’s WiFi water leak detection sensors easily connect to any wireless Internet connection, e-mailing or texting you if water pools nearby. These high-tech sensors are easy to use and reliable, requiring only a couple batteries and an Internet connection. Know the minute that a leak occurs so you can avoid thousands of dollars in costly repairs. Check out our list of leak detection options to suit your needs, and save your property from costly damage.