Have you experienced water damage in your home in the past? If so, it was likely very expensive and time-consuming to repair. What if there was a wireless water alarm sensor that would let you know when there was a possible leak? With MyLeak, it’s now possible. The latest innovation is coupled with your Wi-Fi to send you an alert when there is humidity, water vapor or steam around a MyLeak water leak sensor.

WiFi Water Sensor

When it comes to leak detector system, you must have something that is reliable. MyLeak is not only reliable, it’s also very durable. Consider the following:

  • Not only will MyLeak alert you about a possible leak, you will get an alert when your WiFi signal has failed or when one of the sensors has a low battery.
  • Every MyLeak wireless water alarm sensor is extremely durable, childproof and very easy to install. You won’t have to worry about your children messing with them or the sensors getting in your way. The sensors have a small footprint of only three inches wide.
  • Lithium batteries will last about eight years, while normal alkaline batteries will last about three years.
  • MyLeak also lets you send alerts to plumbing companies and other professionals so you can schedule an appointment to learn about the extent of the leak.

Many of the elaborate leak detection systems are expensive and they require monthly subscription fees. MyLeak doesn’t have a subscription fee. Once you purchase the MyLeak system, you will not owe any more money, except for batteries every few years!

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